Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shia LaBeouf is Kind of Dumb

Most people go to Cannes to watch new films, meet celebrities, and avoid American authorities, but Shia LaBeouf goes to get attention.

I don't mind that, but the guy went and very publicly bashed his last two blockbuster films. The writers and directors weren't there to defend their works, and LaBeouf betrayed his total lack of class by insulting movies he fully promoted when he was paid to.

One of them was his second Transformers film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He admitted that it wasn't any good; it's a good thing Shia is here to tell us these things. "It became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie," he said, referring to the first film's characters and heart. This missing, enigmatic anchor of the movie could also very well be the script.

Then he bashed in the head of a once-sacred cow. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth film in that series, was an embarrassment, and LaBeouf classily put some of the blame on his performance. The rest of it, according to him, fell on director Steven Spielberg. "When you drop the ball you drop the ball," LaBeouf said of Spielberg. I hated that LaBeouf, the most overrated actor currently in Hollywood, was in the movie, but his acting had nothing to do with its failure. The film had weak special effects, laughable characters, and the tone of a Wayans brothers comedy. As I've been known to say, Nathan Drake has taken the fedora right off Indy's head as America's adventurer. If Spielberg makes Indy 5, he has to win back people's respect.

Naughty Dog 2 / Steven Spielberg 0.

LaBeouf is toast without Megan Fox to make his acting look good in the next Transformers film, anyway. Maybe Michael Bay can put Fox in the film by creating her entirely out of CG... And he can ditch all of those pesky sets and locations and just shoot it all on blue screen.

Hey Shia, you're a moron. Those films were both painful, but that's why we read scripts before we accept the $15 million to do a picture.

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