Monday, March 14, 2011

Blu Recommendation: The Thin Red Line, Criterion Collection

I totally blew it with the promise I gave you to recommend a new Blu-ray or DVD each week, and I apologize to both of you for that. But let's not argue and bicker about who killed who; let's move on with our lives.

What a release this is, a Criterion Blu-ray from September 28, 2010. The Thin Red Line (1998) is only the second film I've seen from director Terrance Malick (Days of Heaven), but he is on a roll in my book. As usual, Criterion's treatment of the film is exemplary; I have, literally, never seen a movie look better on home video. Ever. Folks, buy yourselves a plasma and sit back to enjoy home cinema as never before.

John Toll's (Gone Baby Gone) cinematography is absolutely stunning, as Malick puts together the best-looking war film ever. I'm not going to say that I understand The Thin Red Line, but I will say that it demands multiple viewings, and it contains some scenes you will never forget. The beauty of most scenes is so sublime, I'm amazed that Malick is still able to infuse the horror of war into the film.

The Blu-ray features a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack, a theatrical trailer, three different making-of documentaries, wartime newsreels, and a commentary track (without Malick, who won't talk about his own movies).


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