Saturday, April 3, 2010

News Flash: There's a Genocide Going on in Burma

Sylvester Stallone is one of the few good guys in Hollywood, a town controlled by narcissistic, empty-headed, selfish, rich fools.

His film, Rambo, is the fourth movie in the franchise and was released to horrible reviews in January of 2008. The close-minded, left wing idiots we call movie critics in this country hated it.

What they failed to grasp through their puffs of marijuana smoke was that Stallone took a stand simply by making the film. He showed Western audiences what is happening in Burma, and that's genocide.

Burma is an Asian country bordering Thailand on the northwest. The dictatorship there is using military might to wipe out whomever they don't like, including the Karen people, who are largely poor, Christian farmers.

Since you've probably never heard about this unless you've seen Rambo, Stallone already accomplished something that our ridiculous media won't. He also made the point that the only way to stop evil forces like the Burmese military regime is through violence. I highly recommend the movie on Blu-ray.

Since we, unfortunately, can't really send Rambo over there to slaughter all the bad guys, check out

Live for nothing, or die for something.

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